Blue and Yellow Tropical Fish - Double Decor Switch Plate - Hati

Blue and Yellow Tropical Fish - Double Decor Switch Plate - Hati
Let these light switch plates bring a little of the Carribbean into your home. Each piece is made in Haiti from recycled steel from old oil drums and their hand painted designs are then coated.

Haitian Metal Art Background:
Metal sculptured art began in Haiti in the early 1940's, depicting images native to the country in the natural metal. At the “hub” of metal artisans, Croix des Bouquets, North of Port-au-Prince, the metal men work with recycled steel drums which they clean, halve, and beat into flat sheets…all by hand. Each piece starts with a superimposed pattern, and the metal workers, using large hammers and a variety of chisels, by hand, carefully carve and cut each piece. Each piece is then hand painted using the bright colors indicative of the Caribbean landscape.

Measures: 6" wide x 13" tall

Note - Products may vary slightly form images shown due to the fact each piece is hand painted and no two are exactly alike.
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